Augmented Environment for Control in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis patients (ECO-ALS)

This project won the “2015 Ice Bucket Challenge” call, funded by AriSLA. COMiB is partner of this project and it participates together with the Clinic Center NEMO (NEuroMuscolar Omnicentre) of Milan and Auxilia s.r.l. The main goal is the development of a new aid called ECO glasses, which can control the environment and, in particular, the devices that change the patient’s posture (power wheelchair and electric bed). This new system will be developed on a new eye-tracking system integrated on glasses for augmented reality. The evaluation of the feasibility and usability of the device in ALS patients in advanced stage of disease represents a primary objective of the project. In particular, the visual system of patients is assessed to better customize the device.  The information collected during the design and validation phases will be useful to better understand the functional aspects of a new class of assistive technologies for patients with high level of disability as well as for ALS patients.