The University for your eyes

The Uniforyoureyes (University for your eyes) project started in 2019, is a permanent service of visual analysis and optometric examination with glasses supply.

This activity is carried out in the laboratory of the University Centre for Research in Optics and Optometry (COMiB) which is a Centre equipped with extensive and up-to-date instruments to carry out the required optometric evaluation. COMiB is also the Centre where several training and research activities of the students of the Degree Course in Optics and Optometry of Milan Bicocca University take place. 

The COMiB Laboratory makes available its research assets once in a week to citizens with limited financial resources to offer a free-of-charge visual analysis to those individuals. Visits are carried out by qualified Optics and Optometry graduated personnel, assisted by undergraduate trainees. The exam is performed following the protocol established by the World Council of Optometry. If the need for vision correction or the review of the one in use is found, a frame is chosen from those proposed and then we move on to the next phase with the necessary glasses prescription. 

The institutions involved in the implementation of the initiative are: COMiB research center, Distretto Bicocca, QUBI – La ricetta contro la povertà infantile (a program promoted by Fondazione Cariplo to support families in economic fragility thanks to a network of Third Sector organizations), Hoya Lens Italia, CentroStyle, Viatris Italia, Vanni Occhiali, Lions Club “Milano Bramante Cinque Giornate”, and the Vocational Institute “G. Galilei-R. Luxemburg” in Milan. It is therefore a real optical supply chain that involves companies in the sector which provide their products free of charge for this initiative.

Ophthalmological medical examinations are recommended for those involved, especially those who have not had a recent eye examination.

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Optometrists involved in the Uniforyoureyes project: Riccardo Rolandi, Giulia RIzzo and Alessandro Duse
Dr. Riccardo Rolandi, Dr. Giulia Rizzo and Dr. Alessandro Duse