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Oral and Poster Communications
  • BCLA Clinical Conference and Exibition 2023 Manchester (UK). – Poster: Zeri F. “New non-invasive tear breakup time (NIBUT) measurements vs fluorescein breakup time (fBUT): agreement and repeatability.” – Oral Communications:
    • Rizzo G. “Visual performance with an Extended Depth of Focus contact lens for myopia control and the influence of decentration”.
    • Frisani M. “Estimation of scleral lens clearance: OCT measurement vs operator-based measurement by slit lamp”.
  • 4th World Conference of International Association of Contact Lens Educators, Birmingham (UK) 2023 – Invited speaker: Zeri F. “Evidence-based teaching of contact lenses”.
  • American Academy of Optometry (AAOPT) Annual Meeting 2022 San Diego (USA). Poster: Zeri F “The early neural correlates of adaptation to multifocal and monovision CL are different: evidence from visual evoked potentials”
  • 108th National Congress of Italian Physical Society – Optometry Symposium, Milan, 2022- Oral Communication:
    • Tavazzi S. “Does blue-violet filtering affect contrast sensitivity?”
    • Cozza F. “Ocular involvement occurs frequently at all stages of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: Preliminary experience in a large Italian cohort”.
    • Zeri F. “Brain correlates of adaptation to multifocal contact lenses”.
    • Rizzo G.” Visual performance with an extended depth of focus contact lens for myopia control and corneal topography in assessing lens centration”.
    • Miglio F. “The effects of smoking on the tear film and on soft contact lenses”.
    • Ponzini E. “Lactoferrin as a biomarker of ocular diseases and contact lens discomfort”.
    • Ponzini E. “Single-tear proteomics for noninvasive biomarker discovery and precision medicine”.
    • Duse A. “Tear-based vibrational spectroscopy for noninvasive biomarker discovery in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis”.
    • Frisani M. “Valutazione della densitometria corneale da immagini tomografiche in occhi normali e con cheratocono”.
  • XXI International Society of Contact Lens Research Meeting, Porto (Portugal) 2022 – Oral communication: Zeri F. ” Adaptation of the cortical visual areas induced by wearing multifocal contact lens in naive observers”.
  • 8th International Caparica Conference on Analytical Proteomics 2022, Caparica (Portugal) – Oral communication: Ponzini E. “Single-tear proteomics: a feasible approach to precision medicine”.
  • Giovani e Spettrometria di massa, Torino, 2022 – Oral communication: Ponzini E. “Mass spectrometry-based proteomics of human tears for noninvasive biomarker discovery and precision medicine”.
  • Young Biochemists in Lombardy, Milano, 2022 – Poster: “Mass spectrometry-based proteomics of human tears for noninvasive biomarker discovery and precision medicine”.
  • VI Congresso AILAC 2021- “BES(of)T PRACTICE, EVERY DAY” – Webinar “Biomarcatori del film lacrimale: prospettive per nuovi test diagnostici”
  • 2019 APMRS Salzburg – Poster: “Probing lactoferrin by terbium fluorescence in unprocessed human tears”
  • 9th Proteonet Meeting, Unitech Omics, Milan 2019 – Oral communication:” Conformational ensembles of intrinsically disordered proteins by native-MS”
  • Academy 2019 Orlando 3rd World Congress of Optometry – Poster: “Nicotine contamination on soft contact lenses of different materials”