Physical characterization of the surface of contact lenses

Nanotribometer setup: sample holder and disc probeVarious techniques are used for the analysis of the morphology and chemical-physical properties of contact lens surfaces such as optical and electron microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, atomic force microscopy, the characterization of surface wettability, and tribology properties. In this regard, many studies claim that the friction that occurs during the blinking process between the lens and the eyelid causes discomfort.

This research project aims to study the friction properties of soft unworn and worn contact lenses using a nanotribometer equipped with a sample holder that mimics lens curvature. To better simulate the lens – eyelid system, measurements are carried out using a glass disc probe instead of a spherical probe. Measurements can also be acquired in liquid, allowing the influence of different lubricants on the tribological properties of the lens surface to be analysed.