“In-vitro dehydration kinetics coefficient of Kalifilcon A and other contact lens materials” is online

The paper “In-vitro dehydration kinetics coefficient of Kalifilcon A and other contact lens materials” published on Scientific Reports by  Erika Ponzini, Francesco Maspero,  Anna Galli and  Silvia Tavazzi is available online as open access article. 



COMIB at NCC 2024 in Eindovhen

Fabrizio Zeri presented his research at the NCC conferenceCOMIB researchers Dr. Aziza Obain and Dr. Fabrizio Zeri attended the NCC (Netherlands Contact lens Congress) in Eindhoven on 10th and 11th of March, 2024.

Dr Zeri presented the results of a prospective double-masked crossover RCT about a new multifocal contact lenses carried out in three European sites: COMIB, Milan-Italy; the Institute of Optometry, London-UK; and the Kontactlinse Istittutet, Aarhus-Denemark.



COMiB at AILAC 2023

Fabrizio Zeri and Giulia C. Rizzo participated in the AILAC 2023 conference held in Rome on November 19 and 20.

Zeri moderated the roundtable discussion titled “Nuove sfide nell’attività clinica e nella formazione in contattologia morbida” while Rizzo contributed with a presentation titled “L’utilizzo della topografia nell’applicazione di LaC morbide”.

Rizzo G discuss her research during the conference
Prof Zeri moderates the discussion during the round table

IACLE webinar – Join us on 13 December

On Wednesday 13 December at 12 noon UK, IACLE Director Dr Fabrizio Zeri and Giulia Carlotta Rizzo will give a webinar on ”Multifocal Contact Lenses: clinical perspectives and teaching challenges”.

IACLE members can watch live online via Zoom, and the event will be live streamed to our Facebook page for students and eye care practitioners to tune in to.

Join us!

109th National Congress of the Italian Physical Society – Optometry symposium

Poster of the Italian Physical Society congress 2023COMiB participated in the Optometry Symposium of the 109th National Congress of the Italian Physical Society in Fusciano – Salerno (11-15 September) with the following oral communications:

 Silvia Tavazzi (invited speaker)
Surface wetting and friction of Kalifilcon A, a novel silicone-hydrogel contact lens.

 Fabrizio Zeri
Non Invasive break up time: automatic computerized versus manual assessment.

 Erika Ponzini
Comparison of tear film stability assessment procedures by non-invasive and fluorescein tear breakup time measurement.

COMiB at BCLA 2023

Fabrizio Zeri and Giulia Rizzo presenting their poster at BCLA 2023COMiB research group was at BCLA Clinical Conference and Exibition 2023 with a poster and two oral presentations.

Fabrizio Zeri presented a poster titled “New non-invasive tear breakup time (NIBUT) measurements vs fluorescein breakup time (fBUT): agreement and repeatability.”

Mauro Frisani during the Free Papers – Specialist lenses section presented a work titled “Estimation of scleral lens clearance: OCT measurement vs operator-based measurement by slit lamp” and Giulia Carlotta Rizzo during the Free Papers – Myopia 2 section presented a work titled “Visual performance with an Extended Depth of Focus contact lens for myopia control and the influence of decentration” .

Fabrizio Zeri at IACLE 2023

Fabrizio Zeri, Shehzad Naroo, Craig Woods at IACLE 2023Fabrizio Zeri with Shehzad Naroo (on the left) from Aston University (UK) and Craig Woods (on the right) from the University of New South Wales (Australia) presented a talk titled “Evidence-based teaching of contact lenses” as invited speakers at the 4th World Conference of International Association of Contact Lens Educators held in  Birmingham on 5th-8th June.

“TFOS lifestyle: Impact of contact lenses on the ocular surface” is available online

The review “TFOS lifestyle: Impact of contact lenses on the ocular surface” by Lyndon Jones, S. Tavazzi et al. was published on The Ocular Surface . This report was conducted as part of the Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society (TFOS) Workshop ‘A Lifestyle Epidemic: Ocular Surface Disease’.

“Italian translation and validation of the CLDEQ-8” is available online

Download the final version of the article “Italian translation and validation of the Contact Lens Dry Eye Questionnaire-8” by F. Zeri, S. Tavazzi, S.A. Naroo, A. Recchioni, F. Menduini, E. Ponzini, R. Chalmers, A. Desiato, published in the Contact Lens and Anterior Eye. Free access until May 4, 2023.