IACLE EAMA national meeting chaired by regional director Fabrizio Zeri

Fabrizio Zeri chaired the IACLE EAMA meeting 2023 in BarcelonaOn June 27th, at Alcon Experience Academy in Barcelona, a one-hour IACLE EAMA national meeting was arranged for Italian contact lens practitioners and educators in conjunction with a 2-day educational event arranged by Alcon. The IACLE meeting, titled “New challenges in CL teaching: round table”, was chaired by EAME regional director Dr. Fabrizio Zeri.

The panel comprised Prof Josè Manuel Gonzales-Meijome from University of Minho, Prof David Pinero from the University of Alicante, and Dr. Alberto Recchioni from the Institute of Inflammation and Ageing, University of Birmingham. Participants discussed how CL teaching can be changed by the new challenges of artificial intelligence and, also the need to add new knowledge of modern instrumentations and CL materials to the programs. Fifty Italian delegates attended the event in presence, moreover 40 participants from Spain and Portugal joined the event remotely too.

COMiB at BCLA 2023

Fabrizio Zeri and Giulia Rizzo presenting their poster at BCLA 2023COMiB research group was at BCLA Clinical Conference and Exibition 2023 with a poster and two oral presentations.

Fabrizio Zeri presented a poster titled “New non-invasive tear breakup time (NIBUT) measurements vs fluorescein breakup time (fBUT): agreement and repeatability.”

Mauro Frisani during the Free Papers – Specialist lenses section presented a work titled “Estimation of scleral lens clearance: OCT measurement vs operator-based measurement by slit lamp” and Giulia Carlotta Rizzo during the Free Papers – Myopia 2 section presented a work titled “Visual performance with an Extended Depth of Focus contact lens for myopia control and the influence of decentration” .

Fabrizio Zeri at IACLE 2023

Fabrizio Zeri, Shehzad Naroo, Craig Woods at IACLE 2023Fabrizio Zeri with Shehzad Naroo (on the left) from Aston University (UK) and Craig Woods (on the right) from the University of New South Wales (Australia) presented a talk titled “Evidence-based teaching of contact lenses” as invited speakers at the 4th World Conference of International Association of Contact Lens Educators held in  Birmingham on 5th-8th June.

“TFOS lifestyle: Impact of contact lenses on the ocular surface” is available online

The review “TFOS lifestyle: Impact of contact lenses on the ocular surface” by Lyndon Jones, S. Tavazzi et al. was published on The Ocular Surface . This report was conducted as part of the Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society (TFOS) Workshop ‘A Lifestyle Epidemic: Ocular Surface Disease’.

“Italian translation and validation of the CLDEQ-8” is available online

Download the final version of the article “Italian translation and validation of the Contact Lens Dry Eye Questionnaire-8” by F. Zeri, S. Tavazzi, S.A. Naroo, A. Recchioni, F. Menduini, E. Ponzini, R. Chalmers, A. Desiato, published in the Contact Lens and Anterior Eye. Free access until May 4, 2023.

OptiStudent Awards

The FORCE project continues and changes its name. Since 2022 it is called OptiStudent Awards.

Students enrolled during the year 2022 are eligible to apply. Works that will be considered must concern soft contact lenses or the anterior segment of the eye. The works presented will be evaluated by a Panel of experts external to the University.

All abstracts (both in English and in Italian) of students/graduates of the University of Milano-Bicocca must be sent to silvia.tavazzi@unimib.it and/or fabrizio.zeri@unimib.it before 10 April 2023. Only after having received a confirmation reply, the student/graduate can consider the submission of the abstract as successful.

Fabrizio Zeri appointed as a member of the CLAE Editorial Board

Dr Fabrizio Zeri, BCLA Fellow and Global Ambassador, has now been appointed as a member of the Contact Lens & Anterior Eye Editorial Board.

He will be the first editorial member from Italy, which has a growing audience and increasing number of CLAE authors, he will be a valuable addition to the CLAE editorial team.

Fabrizio Zeri