Fabrizio Zeri at IACLE 2023

Fabrizio Zeri, Shehzad Naroo, Craig Woods at IACLE 2023Fabrizio Zeri with Shehzad Naroo (on the left) from Aston University (UK) and Craig Woods (on the right) from the University of New South Wales (Australia) presented a talk titled “Evidence-based teaching of contact lenses” as invited speakers at the 4th World Conference of International Association of Contact Lens Educators held in  Birmingham on 5th-8th June.

COMiB at the CSO Annual Conference

Fabrizio Zeri presented his research project during the CSO annual conference.On 1st June, Fabrizio Zeri presented  three papers as invited speaker at the CSO Annual Conference held at the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino in Florence (It). The papers were titled: “Open field aberrometry: a wide look into the future”, “Enhancing the tear film assessment: the Dry Eye Report”, and “Is automatic NIBUT reliable?”.

The XXX Francesco Ferrante National Optometry Award to Prof. Borghesi

Alessandro Borghesi, professor emeritus of Milano-Bicocca and director of COMiB, was awarded the Francesco Ferrante National Optometry Award, established at the initiative of the family and a group of colleagues of the optometrist who died in 1986.

Professor Borghesi, who was the first in Italy to promote the activation of a graduate course in Optics and Optometry (established since 2001 at the University of Milano-Bicocca), has been coordinating the activities of COMiB since 2015.



“Italian translation and validation of the CLDEQ-8” is available online

Download the final version of the article “Italian translation and validation of the Contact Lens Dry Eye Questionnaire-8” by F. Zeri, S. Tavazzi, S.A. Naroo, A. Recchioni, F. Menduini, E. Ponzini, R. Chalmers, A. Desiato, published in the Contact Lens and Anterior Eye. Free access until May 4, 2023.