COMiB at BCLA 2023

Fabrizio Zeri and Giulia Rizzo presenting their poster at BCLA 2023COMiB research group was at BCLA Clinical Conference and Exibition 2023 with a poster and two oral presentations.

Fabrizio Zeri presented a poster titled “New non-invasive tear breakup time (NIBUT) measurements vs fluorescein breakup time (fBUT): agreement and repeatability.”

Mauro Frisani during the Free Papers – Specialist lenses section presented a work titled “Estimation of scleral lens clearance: OCT measurement vs operator-based measurement by slit lamp” and Giulia Carlotta Rizzo during the Free Papers – Myopia 2 section presented a work titled “Visual performance with an Extended Depth of Focus contact lens for myopia control and the influence of decentration” .

Fabrizio Zeri at IACLE 2023

Fabrizio Zeri, Shehzad Naroo, Craig Woods at IACLE 2023Fabrizio Zeri with Shehzad Naroo (on the left) from Aston University (UK) and Craig Woods (on the right) from the University of New South Wales (Australia) presented a talk titled “Evidence-based teaching of contact lenses” as invited speakers at the 4th World Conference of International Association of Contact Lens Educators held in  Birmingham on 5th-8th June.

108th National Congress of the Italian Physical Society – Optometry symposium

This year the Italian Physical Society organizes its 108th National Congress in Milan (12-16 September). Within the framework of Applied physics, a symposium on optometry has been organized (15 September) with the following program:


Chair: Barbieri M., Università di Roma Tre

Tavazzi S., Does blue-violet filtering affect contrast sensitivity?
Pitarresi Giannone C., Analisi vettoriale dell’astigmatismo: Confronto tra refrazione oggettiva aberrometrica e refrazione soggettiva.
Cozza F., Ocular involvement occurs frequently at all stages of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: Preliminary experience in a large Italian cohort.
Grasso P.A., Viewing distance and character size in the use of smartphone in presbyopic and non-presbyopic individuals.
Rolandi R., Differences in contrast sensitivity measurement with letters and gratings.
Colandrea C., Optometria di genere: Dalla geometria retinica alla percezione tridimensionale.
Santacatterina S., Dalla psicofisica del colore alla prevenzione.
Natali L., Le lenti filtranti e la percezione dei colori.

Chair: Sassella A., Università di Milano Bicocca

Boccardo L., Teleoptometria: Stato dell’arte e prospettive future.
Erculei A., Capturing correlations in vision parameters by artificial neural networks.
Spaziani N., Accuratezza e precisione di un frontifocometro basato sul sistema di Hartmann.


Chair: Bussa M.P., Università di Torino

Zeri F., Brain correlates of adaptation to multifocal contact lenses.
Valentina V., Comparison of visual performance of dual focus contact lenses for myopia control vs. single vision contact lenses.
Rizzo G., Visual performance with an extended depth of focus contact lens for myopia control and corneal topography in assessing lens centration.
Miglio F., The effects of smoking on the tear film and on soft contact lenses.
Martino M., Analisi tribometrica della superficie di Lenti a Contatto.
Ponzini E., Lactoferrin as a biomarker of ocular diseases and contact lens discomfort.
Ruffato G., Photochromic contact lenses: Optical analysis and visual effects of their transition dynamics.

Chair: Gurioli M., Università di Firenze

Ruffato G., Haidinger’s brushes: Perceiving the polarization of light via an entoptic phenomenon.
Giusti S., Measurement of tear volume using Strip Meniscometry: Two procedures compared.
Ponzini E., Single-tear proteomics for noninvasive biomarker discovery and precision medicine.
Duse A., Tear-based vibrational spectroscopy for noninvasive biomarker discovery in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Frisani M., Valutazione della densitometria corneale da immagini tomografiche in occhi normali e con cheratocono.

108th National Congress of the Italian Physical Society poster

COMiB at the 8th International Caparica Conference on Analytical Proteomics 2022

Erika Ponzini’s abstract entitled ” Single-tear proteomics: a feasible approach to precision medicine” has been selected by the organizing committee for an oral communication at the 8th International Caparica Conference on Analytical Proteomics 2022, a meeting organized on July 18-21 in Caparica (Portugal).

Erika Ponzini during her oral presentation at ICAP 2022


COMiB at Giovani e Spettrometria di massa

Erika Ponzini‘s abstract entitled “Mass spectrometry-based proteomics of human tears for noninvasive biomarker discovery and precision medicine” has been selected by the organizing committee for an oral communication at Giovani e Spettrometria di massa, a meeting organized by the Italian Society of Mass Spectrometry (IMaSS) on June 15 in Torino.

Erika Ponzini shows her poster during the meeting
Photo credit: Peter Verhaert, Founder & CEO of ProteoFormiX